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Twitter is one of the fastest growing and talked about social platforms, based on active users.

It is a great and effective way to:

· Publicise new information, articles, and blog posts

· Retweet ads and content from clients

· Keeping up with the hashtag game

· Connecting with other publications and followers

· Live tweet at events and pushing the event hashtag

· Reach many people quickly through tweets and retweets

Why is Twitter so important and how to make the most of the social media platform!

You could almost think of Twitter as your morning paper. A platform where you can get quick pieces of your information from under one umbrella.

Not only this, but you are able to use Twitter for:

· Your reach: you can reach a wider audience and quickly through tweets, retweets, and trending information.

· Research: you can find out what your clients, influencers, publications, and your competitors are tweeting about.

· By making announcements, you can talk to your audience by sharing relevant information about your business, your clients and what they are up to, sharing updates or exciting news you would like to share.

· Networking allows companies to meet new people, clients, seek competitors, keep up to date with what is currently in demand and focus on customer service.

· Brand identity: Being on Twitter can help communicate a brands identity and personality.

The advantage of creating hashtags.

The use of hashtags is a way to draw more traffic to a particular page and make it easier for users to find yours or a client’s company profile. This means your hashtags will get even more visibility. Through searches, hashtags can become popular making it become a trending topic. This means that your hashtags will get more visibility.

Do not forget that hashtags can be helpful to users trying to find more information or similar topics. As the search function groups together not only the hashtags with certain words, but also hashtags that are like the ones being searched. Making this the perfect tool to create hashtags.

Key tip: You want to keep your followers engaged and be seen by posting frequently, creating engaging posts, staying relevant and opening topics for conversation.

Traditional PR hasn’t changed or become lost because social media has become the “it” thing but has rather helped PR companies spread the word further. Knowledge is power, and Twitter is just another platform that has moved with the times and become a part of a present community.