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Is the Beauty Industry Becoming More Inclusive?

The beauty industry across the board is continually changing and in recent years, has become more inclusive and diverse. We have seen the continuous change over the years whether it be TV or Media. Consumers want to feel equal, represented, valued, and feel like they matter.

Why does inclusivity matter?

While companies are making the changes to become more inclusive, racism is still imbedded within the beauty industry. Socially, women of colour have sometimes felt like an afterthought.

A great example of this is Musician and Beauty entrepreneur Rihanna who launched Fenty Beauty in 2017. By announcing an impressive 40 shades, the beauty industry had a real awakening. A launch so inclusive, the brand sent a message that they wanted to include all women, regardless of their gender or ethnicity. Inspiring and empowering men and women with positivity, self-love and a celebration of their beauty.

A Powerful Industry

The industry has the type of power to create a movement and change the norm. Along with social media the beauty industry, hold such power to change and potentially get rid of projects that support inclusivity.

Although it is largely up to the brands to change, you could say buyers and influencers all have a small part to play too. Over time, the industry has become mainstream which is a game changer as it is one of the biggest and successful categories out there.

The Current Climate

Covid 19 has also played a small part in making consumers realise that there needs to be more inclusivity. Gone are the days of trying out testers and shade matching in stores. Where this has been good, it has been more difficult to do these types of practices online. Not everyone fits into the same categories.

This is just the beginning of the inclusivity movement. Although there are changes being made, the beauty industry still has a long way to go. Inclusivity should not be a temporary moment, but an area of growth and change.

Do you sometimes feel the industry is holding back, and brands are almost waiting for another brand to make the first step? We would love to hear your thoughts.