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Beauty trend projection for 2021

As we work with several niche beauty brands, we share the beauty trend projection for the year ahead. COVID-19 shook up the beauty industry in 2020, but that hasn’t stopped major trend predictions for 2021, even if it is for the purpose of work zoom calls. Being at home more often has given us a chance to try new things, some of which will stay as trends for the upcoming year.

Colour blocking: This year, we will see an increase in colour blocked makeup. Vibrant colours like tangerine were spotted at Versace’s spring/summer showcase. Bold eyeshadows and vibrant lips will be on trend. These bold colours are set to be on the rise as part of our daily makeup routines, especially in the spring and summer months.

Dewy skin: Wellness has become a very important part of our lives during the pandemic, which is reflected in the trend predictions for 2021. Dewy skin, light makeup and a healthy glow are on the rise demonstrating natural beauty. This year will place a focus on beauty from within.

DIY hair dye: The trend which has developed from the wacky hairstyles and colours produced in lockdown, DIY hair dos aren’t set to disappear just yet. Valentino’s spring/summer 2021 showcased a mint green look, a colour which will gain popularity over the course of the year.

90’s eyeliner: The nostalgic beauty trend, reflecting back on a big eye makeup trend from the decade. All our favourite pop singers were rocking the 90’s eyeliner look, well it is about to make a comeback! Tight lining is set to become a popular style of eyeliner once again, with nude glossy lips to keep focus on the eyes for a true 90s makeup look.

Cosmetic procedures for the effects of zoom: Recent studies show more people working from home are concerned with eye bags, crow’s feet, and forehead wrinkles because of daily use of video conferencing tools like zoom. Many surgeons have seen a soar in request for eyelid blepharoplasty, a treatment for eyebags.

Elevated hygiene: Hygiene has become more important than ever, with soap and hand sanitizer sales soaring throughout 2020. The need for these products isn’t going to decrease anytime soon, so these products will see an upgrade of scents, packaging and more. Many brands entered the soap and sanitizer scene last year, and this product is only set to get better. It’s also predicted they will be developed to provide the skin with more nourishment and hydration.

Cleaner skincare: Brands using natural ingredients and displaying transparency about the ingredients in their products are gaining popularity. The desire for cleaner ingredients has led many companies down a more sustainable route with their product lines via packaging, formulations and more.

Tackling masked: As we all began to wear masks to protect both ourselves and others, we began to see some unwanted side effects on our skin which is Maske (mask acne). Many brands have already taken advantage in the rise of this within their advertising strategies, but it is predicted this will be taken a step further with product development directed at Maskne, such as soothing facial sprays and face masks.

These are some of the trends which will be coming our way in 2021, because of the pandemic. It is clear to see that the way our lives has changed is also influencing product choices, and even surgical decisions.

Written by Yasmin Thompson