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6 key essentials every brand owner should have

Finally, everything seems to be in place, the products are ready, and you may have your first customer which is even better. You have turned the idea that you have been dreaming about into an actual business. What an accomplishment! However, you will be surprised about how many new brand owners neglect the key essentials that will help strengthen the brand to grow. Branding is crucial and it is vital to stand out from your competitors and have the essentials in place to make the brand look more creditable which can influence a consumer to buy. We have compiled a list of key essentials that new brand owners forget to have.


It may come as a shock to how unfamiliar new entrepreneurs are with what a headshot is and what it should look like. Making the investment into professional headshots helps to represent your brand. Editors tend to request for a headshot for publications online or print as readers like to put a face to the brand. A professional headshot is the first image people see, when they go onto the ‘About me page’. Customers tend to buy from people. This is your time to shine and most importantly a headshot is a personal extension of your brand.

No Email on Instagram Account

We see this from time to time, not being able to identify a business email address on the brand’s Instagram account. We have seen countless of times, where we would like to reach out to a brand and there is no email to be found! Imagine a customer would like to purchase, and they would like to email to ask a question and they cannot find an email. You may be missing out on potential opportunities and business.

Media Kit

Media Kits can also be referred to as Press Kits. A media kit is a PDF document that contains the essential information about your business. This can be sent to journalists/media for promotional use to gain a better understanding of what the brand is about and to help them write their story. Including key information in your media kit such as the background story of the brand, features, previous and ongoing partnerships, and statistics. This is your time to show the world how great the brand is. https://www.canva.com/is a great platform to help you create a Media Kit.


A website that is eye catching and will help to increase sales is equally as important as creating the brand. Consumer behaviour can be influenced by what they see and a brand differentiating website can make a world of a difference. A website is the number one marketing asset that draws individuals in and a strong online presence makes the brand look more reputable. Having a website can help influence a consumer to purchase or not. Nowadays websites are not very difficult to make with website designs as WordPress and Square space, if websites are not your thing ask a good friend that specializes in web design or enquire professionally. A website is a great investment that you will not regret!

Press page on website

Still on the topic of websites, many brands do not have a press section on their website. A press page showcases where the brand has been featured in such as online publications, interviews, podcasts you have been interviewed on. A golden opportunity to show the world what great stuff the brand has been doing and again it also makes the brand look creditable and a trusted expert which consumers love to know.

Business Card

Every entrepreneur needs a business card, producing a business card at a networking event when you are asked or discussing your business is an essential tool to drive potential customers. There has been a number of times when I have been in a non-work environment and the topic of ‘what do you do for work’ comes up and suddenly they say ‘I have been looking for a PR person or I just need help with the brand’ that is where the business card comes in. You never know who you can meet and potentially gain new business. This is another way of promoting the business and a direct marketing tool. Do not forget to carry those business cards with you.