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The agency pushing
lifestyle, fashion and
beauty's niche brands. 

Credit: Honest Company

The agency pushing
lifestyle, fashion and
beauty's niche brands. 

Credit: Honest Company

Founded in 2018, Lena Media consultancy is a UK based brand-building creative agency servicing brands in the fashion, lifestyle and beauty industry.



There’s no one way suits all when aiming for business success. No matter the company size, every company is unique and requires round-the-clock attention from industry-experts to effectively communicate and connect them to their audience — that’s where Lena Media comes in.


We implement creative strategies in our areas of expertise

PR and Marketing
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Image by Elena Koycheva

Our goal is to help create a narrative to connect your brand to consumers. Whether you have a narrative in place, we help to strengthen this through a number of creative strategies.

PR is everything! We create PR campaigns and work closely with publications to create awareness for your brand. Whether you need a press release or marketing campaign, we listen to your needs and execute accordingly. Our aim is to build trust and credibility for your brand.

Our combined experience in business development and account managing international advertising and media agencies have helped us deliver exceptional results in the past. Whether you require sales training or you would like us to pitch your brand to a retailer, we want to help your brand achieve business success.

Brand Storytelling

PR and Marketing

Business Development


A selection of our current and previous clients

Kiya Cosmetics
Beautiful Naturals.png
Wild seed.png
Nicholas Kingsley
Black Girl Sunscreen
Fante Gold

Testimonials from some of our selected clients

Bridgette Forson
Fante Gold

‘I am thoroughly pleased with the work that you provided. I would consider working with you again in the future. Thank you kindly, and I look forward to us remaining in touch’.

Joi Tuffy 
Tuffy Oils

‘Lawrencia Nelson is the best consultant I’ve ever had! She is the reason my business became successful overnight due to her being able to get me into Sheen magazine, I’m very grateful she found me and I’m very happy for this journey that Lawrencia is helping me with. Because of her my business is flourishing more than it ever has before!’

Shontay Lundy
Black Girl Sunscreen

‘We appreciate all of your support during the early stages of our development’.  

Learn more about our clients and what is happening in the world of media.

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